Design Tips

Design Tip # 1: Don’t be afraid to use colour.
It can change a communication, and is a good way to make your ads/website/emails look different at different times of the year.

Design Tip # 2: Don’t rush the process.
Creative ideas often need time to germinate.

Design Tip # 3: Be selective.
Especially when reversing white type out of black or any other solid colour. This ONLY works well for a very small amount of copy (such as a headline or other short sentence / paragraph).

Design Tip # 4: Don’t forget invoices and quotes.
when looking at your company’s branding. These are often what your customers see the most.

Design Tip # 5: A good brief makes for a good job.
A good, detailed brief is the best start to great work.

Design Tip # 6: Choose fonts carefully.
The fonts / style of typeface you use for your headlines and wording can make a huge impact on the style and appearance of your collateral and ads. Ensure there is consistency across your business products and stationery. This will always show the strength of a brand and its identity. Consider implemeting brand guidelines so your brand is always implemented consistently.

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